Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns!

A group of liberal Hollywood celebrities are threatening a “massive, all-round Hollywood strike” unless Donald Trump resigns. Describing Hollywood as “the base of the entire modern American culture“, the group also claims to be speaking on behalf of “all of humanity.”

It’s about time people understood that we’re the ones with the power and that the president is there to serve us, not the other way around“, a spokesperson for the group told The New York Times.

“We’re calling for a general strike that would include every single person involved in making motion pictures in Hollywood, starting with the actors and celebrities themselves and encompassing companies in charge of making props, movie memorabilia and even souvenir shops.”

Full article: Celebrities Call For ‘Total Hollywood Strike’ Until Trump Resigns! – Success Street

What a fabulous idea!!!!!! This would be the perfect time for some up and coming struggling artists to break into the film world, and maybe we could get a load of new faces to look at instead of the same old people who feel like they are so elite they are above the entire planet! This could usher in a whole new era for the film industry, maybe even spread it outside of California so struggling artists trying to get into film don’t need to move to that overpriced cesspool of greed and corruption. And maybe those of us you throw up a little in their mouths when they see celebrities would be able to go see new, original movies instead of this constant flow of remade movies! Oh! And maybe with up and coming stars, they wouldn’t need to pay them zillions of dollars a movie or TV episode, and us little people could afford to go to the movies more than once or twice a year! Imagine! Real talent! Real gratefulness! Original content! Wow.

Yeah, I totally support this! Do it!


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