Legacy media flips out over Trump plan to change White House press coverage

The Trump administration transition team is considering plans to open White House press briefings to more alternative media outlets. The plan, which includes moving the briefings to a larger venue on the White House complex, has some mainstream media journalists worried they’re losing their monopoly on presidential coverage.

Trump officials say the plan comes after the incoming administration received an outsized number of requests from media outlets with an interest in covering the new president.

Esquire on Saturday published a report indicating that Trump officials are looking at the possibility of relocating the on-site press to the White House Conference Center or to the Executive Office Building next door to the White House.

Legacy media is couching the plan as an effort to make it harder for members of the White House press pool to cover Trump’s actions.

But the Trump team says the considerations are being made simply in an effort to figure out how to allow as many interested outlets as possible to cover the president.

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This is great for freedom of the press and creating some competition for the mainstream media. But let’s face it… Trump’s also a publicity whore. He loves the idea of being in every media outlet that will cover him. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but don’t kid yourself about why he’s doing it. However, for the reasons stated in the first sentence of this commentary, I fully support this. As long as the media people coming in are completely vetted, I don’t see why they shouldn’t have access to him.

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