CNN Runs Story Imagining Trump & Entire Cabinet Are Assassinated & It’s Not Going Over Well

“A rather bizarre commentary…”

Full article: CNN Runs Story Imagining Trump & Entire Cabinet Are Assassinated & It’s Not Going Over Well

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I’d be willing to give this some benefit of the doubt. Yeah, it was a bizarre commentary, as it says above, and it is really bizarre to do a story like this the night before the inauguration. Buuuuuut…..

As someone who watches the show Designated Survivor, I can kind of understand why they ran with this.

  1. So many people are over the top upset about this election. We live in a world where people burn down their town when they don’t get what they want. People are doing everything they can think of to keep Trump out of office, and they are already planning attempts at impeachment without even giving him a chance. Is it hard to imagine that one of these nutbags could get extra nutbaggy? There are going to be a lot of protesters there tomorrow. 99.9% of them are nutbags.
  2. If you never saw the actual show, the basic idea is… there is a terrorist attack on the Capitol Building that kills everyone inside (with the exception of one guy, which is revealed later in the season, and a woman who was designated without anyone knowing, which is weird, because she was high enough in the food chain that she should have been the president in this case). The designated survivor is a low level cabinet member that no one knows and who actually got fired that morning (but was still the designated survivor). Because literally everyone is believed dead, he’s sworn in as the president. The show is a hit. And I have no doubt that people are curious about the designated survivor idea because of this show.
  3. This story also posses a reminder that if someone does get stupid, Obama won’t stay in the White House. Pence would become president. And if Pence were to die, it would most likely go to Paul Ryan.
  4. A better addition to this story would probably have been the immense amount of security that will be there. How likely is it that an Obama minion would end up in the White House? Jill Stein had better odds of winning the presidency than this line of thinking has at becoming a reality.

So yeah, on the surface, it was a weird story. But I can kind of see the thought behind it. Although it certainly could have been done a lot better, maybe without sounding so wishful thinking like.

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