The Whiskey Tango Foxtrot State of the Page

This one is for my readers. I am considering some changes here at the blog. I would like to do more writing. It is going to remain what it is – a right leaning political blog. But I would like to do more commentary. I don’t have the money to be a proper independent reporter as much as I’d like to be (and I don’t have the looks to be on TV!). But I am considering cutting down the mass of posts that come on some days, and only doing 1 to 4 posts instead (4 coming on days that are just out of this world). I may do lists of interesting articles you might want to read, but no more clips of articles.

Your feedback on this is welcome.

My plan is to actually move the blog, and I’d like to do that within the next 30 days if I can. I will be archiving this page. The domain will stay the same, just don’t be surprised if you click over one day and the page looks different. LOL!

I don’t know if I will remain here on WordPress or move to a different platform. A different platform would allow for pages instead of one long feed. But it could interrupt the subscriptions.

Also, and I know no one wants to hear this… but when I move the blog, I may put some ads up. This blog is actually costing me money. Any ads you currently see belong to WordPress; I don’t get a single cent from any of those ads. I can’t even see them, so I don’t know what they are advertising to you. I won’t put up the sheets of ads with creepy images or backgrounds replaced by ads or popups or anything like that. I promise. Nothing that will hinder your ability to read the page and interact. But there may be an ad or two on sidebars and what not. I may also start a newsletter if I can find a decent service to do it, but I want to make it a once a week run down of what was posted that week in case you missed anything, and I won’t send “sponsored newsletters” or anything. I also won’t sell your information, because I hate that. I get inundated with emails I never signed up for, it’s maddening.

Again, your feedback on any of this is welcome. Ideas, too. What do you want to see here?

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