No, Rahm Emanuel, Chicago doesn’t need more funding. It needs you to support police

Teresa Crawford | AP Photo

Emanuel has used the “not enough funding” excuse countless times during his mayoral tenure, raising taxes and passing expensive gun control legislation that has drained the already-bankrupt city, with virtually nothing to show for it.

Chicago’s crime epidemic has little to do with money and everything to do with the failure of city officials to support police. Because of this failure, the Chicago Police Department has experienced what City Journal contributing editor Heather Mac Donald calls “the Ferguson effect: the phenomenon of police officers in high-crime areas backing off of proactive policing, resulting in the emboldening of criminals.”

Many officers have commented on the stifling effect this abandonment has had on department morale. Speaking to The New York Times last month, Dean Angelo Sr., president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police union, condemned what he perceives to be the politicization of policing by city officials. He added that many Chicago leaders are “more anti-police in their platform as opposed to being anti-crime.”

Poor community-police relations are just part of the many cultural problems the city of Chicago is facing. Other issues include family breakdown, gang culture, failing public schools, and apathetic and/or clueless community leaders. All of this points to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s gross failure to “step up and take responsibility” (to use his own words) for the citizens of Chicago.

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