Senate GOP Goes NUCLEAR to Confirm Trump Cabinet

“They on their own accord refused to participate in the exercise,” Hatch said about the Democrat members of the committee. “They have nobody to blame but themselves.”

“I don’t feel a bit sorry for them,” Hatch said.

Now the vote on the Senate floor will still be held with the same rules in place. However, if the Democrats continue their boycotts of the hearings and floor debates, then the nuclear option may actually be used.

The dramatic move could foreshadow strategy from Republicans over contentious battles still to come as Democrats try to use a variety of Senate procedures to stall the newly empowered GOP. The most high-profile of upcoming fights is Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch, a nomination that would require at least 60 votes to break a filibuster.

The nomination for Tom Price especially was wrought with controversy, after Leftists conjured up a cockamamie notion that Price attempted to benefit from certain pharmaceutical investments with companies that were involved in government contracts.

Full article: BREAKING: Senate GOP Goes NUCLEAR to Confirm Trump Cabinet | The Federalist Papers

Do they think they can successfully stop the government from functioning for the next four years because they didn’t get their way?

Folks, this is the  way the millennials think, and this is who they are pandering to. I am afraid for the future of this nation where the people in power believe they can burn towns because they don’t like someone who is publicly speaking (and think their right to freedom of speech is more valid than yours) or that it is acceptable to stop working when things don’t go their way.

Seriously, folks, the left has become one giant first world problem.

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