About Those Reports of Top Level Secret Service Members Resigning that Have Been Coming in From 1000 Different Directions…

“The report regarding the Secret Service personnel is absolutely false,” an agency spokeswoman said Friday.

She referred all further questions to the White House press office, which did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Full Article: Secret Service: Reports of top-level resignations ‘absolutely false’ | Washington Examiner

I finally have wifi again. On plane. 1st, the people forced to resign were different parts of WH security, shared space with @SecretService

Nicole Mainor of @SecretService said “later today there’s likely to be a statement issued by another government agency”

I have confirmed that the Chief of Information Security at White House forced to resign. Was error in tagging him as Secret Service. 1/2

Others – not sure how many – attached to White House security/cyber security/info security – resigned last night & escorted out of EEOB

It is the CISO function, at minimum, in WH that saw forced resignations last night. These folks work w/@SecretService but not of Secret Svc”

Full article: REPORT DENIED: Secret Service Managers Fired, Escorted from White House Grounds

Yes, the US media is a joke and they still haven’t figured out that we know they are.

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