Black Panther Party’s Guns Confiscated During Protest In North Carolina

In North Carolina, it is illegal to carry a firearm at any protest that takes place on state owned land. The New Hanover County deputy told the group leader Dr. Alli Muhammad they were in violation of the law. Without incident, members of the group surrendered their weapons. The guns were confiscated and taken to the sheriff’s office. Group members were informed they could pick their weapons up on the next business day.

Among the confiscated weapons were two revolvers, three shotguns, and five semi-automatic pistols; all of which were loaded. Black Panther members customarily wear masks that cover their faces. The sheriff ordered them to lower the masks as this is also prohibited at meetings or demonstrations under North Carolina state law.

Full article: Black Panther Party’s Guns Confiscated During Protest In North Carolina – American Military News


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