Legislation Passes 49-43, Warren Dismissed From The Senate Floor

Senator Elizabeth Warren was in the middle of speaking to the Senate when she was referencing a letter that was attacking Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump’s appointment for Attorney General. That was when the Republicans had had enough of Warren and promptly silenced her from speaking out anymore.

The letter at the time had King accusing Sessions of “a shabby attempt to intimidate and frighten elderly black voters.” That’s an attack on character if I ever saw.

It continued by saying, “Mr. Sessions has used the awesome power of his office to chill the free exercise of the vote by black citizens in the district he now seeks to serve as a federal judge,” King wrote. Again, that’s a blatant attack on Sessions that is indeed a violation of the rules.

A senator should know the rules of the chamber, and yet Warren continued to claim that she wasn’t attacking or questioning the conduct of Sessions. She has schemed and lied for the last time against Sessions however, as she is unable to speak out against him anymore.

Democrats attempted to stop the vote on punishment and that was when Warren threw one last attempt, a hail-Mary, to continue speaking out. “Why don’t you just let me finish?”

It’s simple. You violated the rules TWICE. If you break the rules, then you have to suffer the consequences. The fact that you were warned about this after the first rule violation, and continued to go after Sessions is either stupidity or intentional. Nevertheless, Warren was warned and she needed to suffer the consequences.

Full article: JUST IN: Legislation Passes 49-43, Warren Dismissed From The Senate Floor – Conservative Daily Post

The media has been losing their minds over this, yelling about how Republicans are silencing Warren.

First off, as usual, it’s OK for the dems to silence people, but an outrage if anyone else does it.

Second, she violated the rules and was shut down. That isn’t silencing, it’s discipline.

Aside from that, the letter was irrelevant. It stated someone’s opinion, not documented fact. She was using the words and opinions of someone who was not there to agree that she still believed this.

Is Sessions a great candidate? No. No one really is. But this is also what I like to call the Paula Deen Effect. Do you remember what they did to Paula Deen? That woman’s entire life was almost completely ruined because of a bad choice of words spoken in anger over 30 years ago. Should she be allowed to apologize and continue on? I believe so. Obviously a lot of folks didn’t agree, and that still seems to be the case. Again, only the chosen ones with a D after their names are allowed to move on after making mistakes or after being complete douche nozzles. Paula Deen was sacrificed so they could pretend that wasn’t so. As for Sessions? Well, anyone with anything other than a D after their name is automatically wrong on everything and must be destroyed.

Keep your eyes peeled, folks. Remember, Pocahontas here has her eyes set on the White House. The only reason she didn’t run this time was because she didn’t want to compete with Hillary. Her being “silenced” was great for her. Now she can use the feels of her voting base to play the gender card for sympathy votes.


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