We Need to Talk – This Isn’t Funny, and it Isn’t OK


Americans have the right to peaceably assemble for protests. But they do not have the right to assemble, block traffic, interrupt commerce, assault people, vandalize property or prevent emergency vehicles from getting through. It’s time to teach these arrogant protesters a lesson. And the drivers in this video are just the folks to do it.

Source: LOL! Protesters VS Cars – Guess Who Won? VIDEO | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

Folks, we need to talk. And I understand this may not win me any friends, but as a human being, I feel like this needs to be said.

Everything above is not OK. It isn’t funny. And it is wrong.

I understand people are tired of the protesters and their ridiculous antics. I agree that they don’t have the right to block traffic and prevent commerce or the safe passage of emergency vehicles. Assault, vandalizing property, all of it is wrong.

But the answer is not to run them over with your car. I am getting really tired of seeing these videos and listening to people advocate the hurting or killing of someone else. How does this make you better? How does this elevate you or society as a whole?

If you are being physically assaulted or are in fear for your life – or if an ambulance is trying to rush someone to the hospital – that is one thing. I believe in defending your life and the life of those you love. If your car is being surrounded or someone is trying to pull you out, bust your windows, etc., then you do what you need to do to save your own life. And then don’t make a joke about it afterwards, because either way, what happened to you and what happened to them was not at all funny. Both of your lives are dramatically changing at that moment in time, and there is no humor in that.

But I do not agree with hurting or killing someone because you were inconvenienced.

Regardless of their politics, these are still living, breathing human beings, and they are still your fellow countrymen, whether you agree with their opinions or not. If you are not rushing someone to the hospital, they are not surrounding your car, not trying to pull you out, not trying to beat you up, etc., and just linking arms across the road… it sucks to deal with and they should be arrested for it, but you don’t need to maim or kill them for it. And if you do, you are no better then they are.

Govern the weaponizing of your car the same way you would govern the use of a firearm. Are they coming into your home? Are they trying to pull you from your car to assault you? Are they trying to or succeeding at assaulting someone else? Is your life in danger? Are you in danger of grievous bodily injury? If the use of a firearm would not be justified, the use of your car as a weapon is also not justified. And when someone uses a firearm for self defense, we don’t set the video to funny music and laugh about it, because it was a serious moment that drastically changed the life of the person shot and the person who did the shooting. Why do we do it with this?

As stated, sometimes the action of hitting protesters with your car may be necessary and justified. Same as the use of a firearm or knife. Sometimes that use is not justified. And it is never a funny moment when things come to that. Please just remember that agree or disagree, they are still human beings. Maiming or killing someone is always a last resort. Always. And I will never agree with needlessly hurting or killing someone.


5 responses to “We Need to Talk – This Isn’t Funny, and it Isn’t OK

  1. Nope. It’s freaking funny and it’s A-OK and more and more becoming legal.

    Also, it is arguable given the Blacks’ proclivities and current, well-publicized rhetoric that encountering them in any sort of large, angry group inherently puts any White within the legal definition of ” fear for their life.” Hence, part of your argument is flawed from the basic postulates forwards.


    • That’s fine. You take whatever chance you want to take. Just like a shooting incident, you’ll go before a judge. If they decide that your life wasn’t in danger that’s going to be your problem alone. And no, I’ll never agree that maiming or killing someone is funny, sorry.


      • Except that more and more states right now are processing bills to explicitly make running down these fools legal. In other words, no problem, no charges possible.

        Hell! In at least one state it is already legal and they charged the ones he hit with some serious criminal charges.


      • Still doesn’t mean it is OK. As I said in the article, if they are trying to pull you out of the vehicle or something, fine. But these ones where they are just linking arms… if you aren’t rushing someone to the hospital, I don’t see the justification. Being inconvenienced and not agreeing with their opinion is not justified. If you believe it is, then you have to agree with liberals burning down towns and making death threats. It’s not OK for one and not the other.


      • But don’t get me wrong. I probably wouldn’t personally run them down. I’ve a nicely restored classic car and wouldn’t want to damage it.