Liberal Sally Kohn: If We Impeach Trump and Pence, Hillary Will Become President


In case you somehow missed this:


Source: Liberal Sally Kohn: If We Impeach Trump and Pence, Hillary Will Become President | The Sean Hannity Show

That’s not at all how it works. Now, she was called out big time on this wet dream, and she’s made a few excuses about it, mostly stating it was sarcasm or something. This is also not how sarcasm works. Believe me, I’m all about sarcasm.

In case you happen to have no idea how our system works here in the USA, if number one were to actually happen – and since neither Trump nor Pence have done anything impeachable it isn’t likely – it doesn’t even mean Trump would no longer be president. Bill Clinton was impeached. He remained in the White House. His removal from the White House would be a completely separate ordeal. If he was removed from the White House, President Pence would take the White House. Now, if they found something to impeach him on, that would not remove him, either. Bring forth yet another ordeal for removal, and then welcome President Ryan into the White House.

You’d have to remove a tremendous amount of people before you reached the Constitutional crisis part of this scenario, and honestly, it would be easier to just wait out the four to eight years, because it would take that long or longer to complete.

Plus, even if it did happen the way she laid it out, which is constitutionally impossible… they thought Clinton didn’t have a chance in hell of losing to Trump, either.

This person’s tweet was basically a long winded way of saying she hopes he – and the USA – completely fail. Because remember, if the president fails, the USA fails.



4 responses to “Liberal Sally Kohn: If We Impeach Trump and Pence, Hillary Will Become President

  1. P.P.S. If one has ever seen/heard her speak, she’s mega-ninny. She should take her comedy-gig on the road with Bill Nye and Al Gore, sorta like the trio of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour–only different.


  2. I know I’m replying to your response; but I can’t resist. Here goes: Lunkhead, Bill Clinton was impeached. The Senate has the ONLY authority to remove. And don’t count on either. I can’t believe I dignified Krazzy Kone, Stupid Sally with a reply.