“No More Black Targets” Campaign Launched To Eliminate Black Silhouette Targets At Shooting Ranges

“Young black men are 3X more likely to be shot by trained shooters than their white peers,” the group’s website says. “A disturbing potential correlation: The most popular target for shooters to learn to use their firearm is a black silhouette. Unconscious bias can be deadly.”

The group has filed a petition to end the use of black silhouette targets and plans to call upon the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. They argue that a study by University of Illinois researchers that concluded shooters were more likely to fire at a black target and they have associated this to the use of black silhouette targets.

Full article: “No More Black Targets” Campaign Launched To Eliminate Black Silhouette Targets At Shooting Ranges | American Military News

  1. This started years ago. I think the first mention of this was in the early 90s. It seems to pop up every now and again.
  2. The most common one I’ve seen has been blue. However, a silhouette is usually black. Because shadows are usually black.
  3. Whenever I’ve heard people discuss formal training, I’ve heard mention that the black silhouette is used to make it more difficult during night qualifying and also to not distract with where your shots hit because you can’t really see them. I have no idea if this is a widespread thought process, but it’s one of the things I’ve heard.
  4. I normally shoot targets with four – or more – round targets on one sheet. The last time I went to the range my target was steel and shaped like a ram.
  5. When I worked on a firing range… the most popular target was the bowling pin target. No, really. We rarely sold any of the silhouette targets or animal vitals targets. We mostly sold the bowling pins and the scope sighting targets. We eventually replaced the silhouette all together with Osama bin Laden and a zombie.
  6. I’m not sure how a target that doesn’t even look human that is colored a color that isn’t actually found in nature and is not always even considered a color “trains” the brain to shoot at black people. I – and everyone else – was trained to take out a threat. Nothing matters about that threat other then the level of threat. Meaning: the threat doesn’t even need to be human! Many firing ranges won’t allow targets like the bad guy holding a hostage or Osama bin Laden because said target has a face. The silhouette target is designed to train a shooter where on the body to hit to stop a threat the fastest. It is literally a ball on top of a ball.
  7. So today’s over. What are we going to find racist tomorrow? How about a list of things that aren’t racist? It’ll be a much shorter list.

One response to ““No More Black Targets” Campaign Launched To Eliminate Black Silhouette Targets At Shooting Ranges

  1. The racists behind all this nonsense need to think about this.
    White, black, or coffee and cream, blood is red in all three.

    As for shooting at blacks more than whites?
    I learned to shoot on a figure 11 and 12 target.
    They are black and tan and that was WAY before the racists arrived.

    So does that mean I’ll only hit those dressed to suit?
    Black, tan, carrying a rifle and wearing a generic Russian type target?

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