What If There’s No Plan?

What if there’s no master plan?

What if Trump is finding his way, one step at a time, along a path that 43 other men have traveled, some more slowly than others? What if Trump isn’t an ideologue or a philosopher — and what if nobody around him is either? What if it’s all just haphazard and chaotic, and what if we don’t yet know what this administration will look like?

Is it possible that Trump is simply doing some good things and some bad things, and that he’s saying silly things because that’s what he does? Is it at all plausible that Trump is the president, not Steve Bannon or Kellyanne Conway or chief of staff Reince Priebus or anybody else, and that because Trump’s an amateur at government he’s unsure which way to step? Could it be that Trump isn’t playing 4-D chess, that he’s just a Wookie threatening to upend the board and rip his opponents’ arms out of their sockets? He has been known to do that.

All of this is to say, let’s all take a deep breath.

Here’s the thing: Trump may not have a plan. He probably doesn’t. Those around him probably have their own plans, but they’re not the president. But you know who did have a plan? The people who constructed our constitutional system, placed checks and balances in that system and ensured that no one person could wield all power in American government. That means that even the presidency that begins most chaotically can find its sea legs, and even the presidencies that remain chaotic can’t do too much damage.

So let’s not panic. Everything’s not chaos, even if it feels like it.

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