Democrats Forcibly Remove Female GOP California State Senator From Senate Floor

janet-nguyen-twitter-avatarVideo posted by the California Senate GOP Caucus shows Nguyen being forcibly removed from the Senate floor by Sergeants at Arms under orders from the Democrat majority as she spoke critically about the late state Senator Tom Hayden and his support for the communist regime in Vietnam which her family fled. Hayden passed away last October but was remembered by his Senate colleagues in speeches given on Tuesday. Nguyen chose to not participate or mar the remembrance of Hayden that day.

Republican state Senator Patricia Bates issued a statement about the incident.

“I’m outraged by the Senate majority party’s action of silencing my colleague and friend, Senator Janet Nguyen. She was physically removed from the Senate Chamber for peacefully expressing her thoughts about the Senate earlier this week honoring the memory of former state Senator Tom Hayden, a noted communist sympathizer.

“Senator Nguyen’s family escaped communist Vietnam and came to the United States in search of freedom. Unfortunately some Democrats did not like her comments and wanted to silence her. They silenced Senator Nguyen and had her removed from the Senate floor.

“I’m proud of Senator Nguyen for persisting and exercising her right as a citizen and legislator to peacefully express her views. This sad episode is a textbook case of men trying to silence a woman whose views they did not like. Making things worse, the majority party shut down the CalChannel TV feed denying the public access to its government.

“The Senate is better than this, and I am encouraged that many of my colleagues – both Democrats and Republicans – agree that the Senate should never treat a senator the way it treated Senator Nguyen today. #IStandWithJanet #ShePersisted #LetHerSpeak!!!”

Full article: Shock Video: Democrats Forcibly Remove Female GOP California State Senator From Senate Floor

Seriously, they rule to make Elizabeth Warren shut up and it’s this huge media outrage about they were silencing her and how horrific this is. Senator Nguyen gets forcefully removed while speaking and I bet you didn’t hear anything about this on any major media outlet or any cries from the political class about this woman being silenced.

Another case of it being OK because the dems did it.


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