On the Dead Voting

I am hearing a lot about the dead voting again. Apparently, every other month or so this becomes a big topic.

If someone in your family has passed away, you can get a form from your local board of elections to fill out as a notification that a registered voter has passed away. When my father passed last April, sometime over the summer I filled the form out to ensure he didn’t vote in our presidential election.

The form is like this:


If you are from NC, that is our official form.

Most people either forget about it or don’t realize this can be done. If you fill out the form, it makes it harder for a fraudster to get them registered to vote and to vote for them (it isn’t a guarantee, but it makes it harder). I know he was removed from the rolls by the time we went to vote this year (I did check the book as they were gathering my information, his name was always by mine).

Just an FYI. Don’t let your dead relatives vote Democrat.

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