And the Award for “Most Disturbing Tweet Ever” Goes To…


Source: Journalist Celebrates Diversity Of London Terror Victims, Situation Backfires Horribly – MILO NEWS

What the actual f%$^?!

Pardon me for not really caring about how diverse the victims of a terror attack are! They could have all been purple midgets for all I care! The point is they are all victims of another terror attack!!!! 

How does someone type that out into their Twitter editor, read it over, and decide that it is completely appropriate and should be shared with the world?

I have to be straight with you folks… I read this article yesterday and got so infuriated I didn’t post it when I saw it because I just could not digest this. What I saw in the aftermath of those attacks was this: one of our best allies just went through a terror attack. My fellow human beings lay about London injured, dying, or dead, and there wasn’t a damn thing I could do to help them. I wasn’t checking for their skin color, nation of origin, gender, or anything else. I was trying not to scream at my TV, and I was trying to keep the tears that slipped out from turning into an all out bawl fest.

This sick POS was checking their creds. I’m sure the POS that carried out this attack had an ethnic check list. Oh, no, wait, he didn’t.

Mr. Eaton, you disgust me.

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