Authorities Destroy Tiny Homes Built for Homeless Because They ‘Create a Sense of Terror’

Image: Truth and Action

“Elvis Summers crowdfunded tiny homes in part through his nonprofit, Starting Human, and raised over $100,000 for what he viewed as a decent, if temporary, solution. And with the help of volunteers in the contracting and construction business, built some 40 tiny homes of wood with steel-reinforced, locking doors to provide solid shelter for struggling tent-city residents.

Summers, who experienced houselessness in his 20s, viewed the little, self-sufficient houses as a creative solution to L.A.’s colossal homeless issue — particularly as the wooden structures provided a solid home base for those seeking jobs or drug and alcohol treatment.

Summers’ project went swimmingly — individuals who’d survived in flimsy tents with little to no security felt the dignity of a structure to call home base.

That is, until the city of Los Angeles put its foot down, kicked several tiny home residents, out, and transported the structures for demolition.

“About my house, you know, you know I had a peace of mind,” Willie Hadnot toldNPR shortly after losing his home. “I could shut the door, go lay down, quiet. And that’s what I miss a whole lot, man. I don’t want to start crying.”

Suddenly evicted tiny house residents weren’t permitted to retrieve their few belongings — including medications — before police and garbage trucks hauled the homes away.”

Full article: Authorities Destroy Tiny Homes Built for Homeless Because They ‘Create a Sense of Terror’ – Truth And Action

The next time someone tells you all about how liberals are for the “little guy” and that they are the party of compassion, show them this article. This is how much your liberal politicians give a crap about the “little guy” and the poor in this country. They fight to let everyone over the boarder who can jump, while at the same time destroying what little the homeless citizens around them have. Seriously, they wouldn’t even let them retrieve their few belongings from the tiny homes before destroying them. All because… well, basically, because they don’t want the homeless around them. They are disgusted by them. And that’s sad and pathetic.


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