Dems Push Pelosi for Single-Payer Health Care After AHCA Fails

Local public radio station KQED reported:

Image: Breitbart

“I extend my hand to the president if he wants to improve the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi told a crowd of several hundred people gathered at a town hall meeting at Balboa High School in San Francisco.

The first audience question was more of a long argument for a socialized health system that some are calling “Medicare for all,” which would eliminate insurance companies.

Pelosi, unruffled by the at times unruly crowd, noted: “I supported single payer since before you were born.”

Full article: Dems Push Pelosi for Single-Payer Health Care After AHCA Fails – Breitbart

It doesn’t need to be improved. And not repealing it is not a “win” for this country, Hillary Clinton and everyone else on the left.

Sit down, let’s talk a minute.

So this year, I did the unthinkable. I actually bought insurance through the marketplace. I didn’t have a choice. I am trying to start up a small business right now, and I didn’t have insurance last year, so my taxes really hit me in the gut. I managed to avoid the tax penalty, to be fair. But I don’t know how much longer that will last. I avoided it because my state didn’t expand Medicaid. We have a new governor now, so that could change, meaning next year my taxes would be devastating.

My experience? Well, I have been out of work for a while, so my income was listed at very low rates (I have had some contract work, but nothing steady). I didn’t qualify for a subsidy. Which is fine. I don’t expect you to pay for my health coverage; I don’t want you to! And since I am starting a business now, I don’t know what that would do to my insurance anyway if the business picks up in a few months.

I got my card and my insurance was active as of March 1. So I decided to make some appointments. I needed to visit an Oby/gyn (for those who weren’t aware, yes, I am a female). It’s been a few years, and the doctor I had gone to before had retired, so I needed a new one.

Now, there was only one insurance company offering plans in my state, so I had to pick a plan from them. I have a mid-range plan. I went to their website to search for doctors who fit. Joy of joys, there were tons of Oby/gyns listed! I was overjoyed to see page after page of doctors to choose from, and I began comparing and contrasting. I chose one and was happy with my choice – a middle aged African-American woman who graduated from a really good school and has been practicing for twenty years. I was thrilled with my choice. Picking an Oby/gyn isn’t easy. We all hate them. But this woman just seemed… OK. I don’t know how to describe it, she just felt like the perfect doctor, someone I could get comfortable with, which is important to someone like me. I don’t get real cozy with doctors easily, especially doctors that have to go into my private areas for exams, because that isn’t an area I let a whole lot of people examine!

Just as I was about to hit send to make the appointment, a notice popped up saying that they were out of network. What? I thought the search I did showed me doctors who were in network only. Nope! I went back through to find another doctor because I need them to be in network; out of network was just too unaffordable, and I have some problems with my lady bits that could require a hospital stay at some point in my life, so I have to keep costs down.

Folks. I went through page after page after page of doctors. I opened up pages for 40 doctors. Only one of them accepted my insurance. I was floored. There was no choice there. I had only one option.

Curious, I began searching around in other areas for other doctors. It’s a good thing I don’t have mental health issues, because there isn’t a single psychologist or psychiatrist who takes my insurance within 100 miles of my home. There is one eye doctor. Four primary care doctors. Etc.

Basically, the government told me I have to be insured or pay a fine. So now I am paying $500 a month for insurance that very few doctors within 100 miles of my house actually takes (and my area is extremely doctor heavy). I’m really not sure this even worth my time.

I know Obamacare was designed this way to fail so an entitlement was created, but people would scream for single payer. Do you want to know how single payer would work out? Go to your DMV. That’s how it would work out. Better yet, go to your local VA! Those waiting lists never got handled. Heck, when my dad – a combat veteran from the Vietnam War – was diagnosed with cancer, he was told our local VA wasn’t set up to do cancer treatments. I had to get a damn senator involved! And suddenly – miracle of miracles – they were able to treat cancer patients on sight (and believe me, Senator Burr had to do some work to get it to that point, this was a long standing issue, to the point that I felt I needed to send Senator Burr a letter when my father passed away so he’d know)! Imagine that! Remember that story not long ago where the people took pictures of the guy laying on the floor in the VA and the other guy in the wheelchair crying in pain? That was my dad’s VA! That’s the one he used. My father was also on Medicare at the time. Do you know Medicare doesn’t cover cancer treatment? Not at all! He had to pay for chemo and radiation out of pocket and with the help of a grant my mom applied for. That, folks, is your government run healthcare.

So do I support single payer? Not on your damn life! Repeal the damn thing!


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