How To Destroy CNN, Survive Without Cable TV, And Save Lots of $$$

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Every once in a while I like to remind everyone of the power they hold to destroy the national news media and Hollywood. Simply put, there is a one-legged stool propping up both of these malevolent institutions, and it is called bundled cable and satellite television. And nothing is more damaging to either than you making the choice to cancel your television bundle.

You see, ratings don’t really matter much anymore.

The television game has been so expertly rigged that eyeballs have almost nothing to do with revenue.

CNN is an excellent example. Did you know that, on average, CNN is not only in last place behind MSNBC, but that the left-wing outlet’s average viewers are below 1 million? With such poor ratings, there is no way CNN could survive on advertising revenue alone.

So how does CNN stay afloat?

By picking YOUR pocket.

Yes, Genius, YOU are subsidizing a Fake News outlet that is actively trying to destroy you and everything you stand for.


Whether or not you watch CNN (and no one really does), if it is part of your cable package, you are putting money directly into CNN’s pocket with what is called a subscription fee. Somewhere around 50% of CNN’s total revenue comes from suckers like YOU, dupes who continue to pay for obscenely overpriced subscription television packages that enrich our world’s CNNs.

The same is true for the Social Justice Sports Network known as ESPN.  One of the reasons ESPN is in real trouble and about to lay off some famous folks, is cord-cutting — people waking up and canceling their cable or satellite subscriptions. The left-wing sports network makes $7 a month per subscriber (CNN makes about $2). In other words, whether or not you watch ESPN, if it is part of your cable package, you are handing them 84 of your hard-earned dollars every year.

In 2011, 100 million Americans paid this fee to ESPN. Today, that has dropped to just 88 million. That’s a loss in the billions for ESPN, and…

That is what I mean when I say you have the power to destroy not just CNN and ESPN, but all of these left-wing networks artificially propped up by bundled TV, including MSNBC and MTV. With the movie industry crumbling, big studios like Disney, Sony, Paramount, etc., all count on these rigged cable fees to keep them afloat.

And YOU have the power to take all of that away from them.

Full article: How To Destroy CNN, Survive Without Cable TV, And Save Lots of $$$ | Daily Wire

This article kind of reads like a sales pitch, but I wanted to post it anyway because it is correct. The best way to stop the mainstream media and their biased agenda – and yes, that includes Fox News – is to stop giving them money.

We “cut the cord” some time ago. I guess it has been about two years now. I do, obviously, still have internet, but we use Google Fiber, which is still not optimal, but let’s face it… I want to be online, and my options for decent companies are limited. I have Dish, Spectrum (TWC), and I believe Google, AT&T, and maybe Verizon all took their turns digging up my front lawn without my consent.

We switched our TV over to antenna and we use streaming services. And no, Netflix and Hulu are not your only options. There is actually a ridiculous amount of streaming services out there, some of them very specific. There is one that does nothing but horror movies, just as an example. But we brought our massive bill down from almost $200 a month to less than $20 a month (not including internet, which is an addition $70 a month for four times the speed).

We still get local news, which I feel is important. And we do get national news on the same channel as well as what I refer to as the liberal whine fest on Sunday morning. And, honestly, I spend a lot of time watching live streams online of hearings and what not (I link them here from time to time). We gained some antenna only channels like MeTV, which, if you haven’t experienced it yet, you are missing something. That is a heck of a channel.

I find it worth it. I have taken money out of the pockets of the mainstream media and am no longer funding their desire to tell people how to feel and think, etc. And it is saving me a lot of money. And stress. And time yelling at my TV.

And massive amounts of eye rolling.

And fights with my family.

And the desire to run off into the woods screaming.

It really is worth it!

Although… I was glad I had CNN at the hotel during the election. It was nice watching them freak out when Trump came in for the surprise win. 🙂


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