Occupy Wall Street Co-Founder: Our Marches Did “Nothing.”

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According to the Washington Examiner, Occupy Wall Street co-creator Micah White has had an epiphany, and now believes big protests are ineffective and sometimes even counterproductive.

“We could have large-scale marches for every year of Trump’s presidency. It would do nothing!” he told NPR’s Eric Westervelt.

“You would think that with the triumph of Trump there would be a fundamental re-assessment among activists. But there hasn’t been. They’ve just doubled down on the same behaviors!” he added.

The Examiner makes clear that the OWS leader’s politics have not changed. White still considers himself a progressive, but he has had a change of heart in how he views the affect of drum circles and shutting down traffic on political action. Admitting that OWS was a bust, and encourages those who protest President Donald Trump to learn from the organizations mistakes, reports the Examiner.

Running for office, and building from there is now how White suggests moving his politics forward, says the Examiner. He himself ran for Mayor of Nehalem, Oregon. Though he lost badly.

“It’s awkward and painful, and you’re a black guy living in rural Oregon talking about revolution and one out of five people really gets it and loves it. But 80 percent don’t,” White says and laughs. “And do they want you to leave? Yes, they want you to leave.”

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There are so many reasons why Occupy Wall Street failed.

  1. No one knew what they were protesting. It started out organized, and then people piled more and more crap in there that the average person had no idea what they were actually about.
  2. They left a mess everywhere they were for everyone else to clean up. You don’t win people over by leaving trash and nastiness all over for them to clean up.
  3. It quickly became about instituting socialism in the USA, and no matter how you sugar coat socialism, the American people aren’t going to allow it. Yet.
  4. A lot of the protesters were rude, dirty, and vulgar. No one is going to converse with that.
  5. Feel free to add your own! The list is obviously not exhaustive.

2 responses to “Occupy Wall Street Co-Founder: Our Marches Did “Nothing.”

  1. Actually, it did a whole lot, a whole lot of good. It exposed the stupidity, hypocrisy, criminality, and utter worthlessness of the Liberals and Progressives for all to see.

    I see it as the shot to the guts that’s condemned the Left to a slow, agonizing death – a death well-deserved and unmourned by Americans.

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