HuffPo, Twitter mock Mike Pence for respecting his wife in his dealings with other women

Mocking what it doesn’t understand, HuffPo elaborates:

Believe it or not, two people of the opposite sex eating together doesn’t always end in a night of unbridled passion.

On Tuesday, a Washington Post profile about Karen Pence, wife to Vice President Mike Pence, surfaced an intriguing tidbit first revealed to The Hill in 2002. Pence will not eat alone with any woman who is not his wife, nor will he go to any events serving alcohol without his wife alongside him.

The couple’s strict marriage rules have sparked a lot of controversy and some downright mockery. But what really got Twitter riled up, was when conservative blogger Matt Walsh weighed in on Wednesday, asking if there’s ever an “appropriate reason” for a married person to go out for a meal alone with someone of the opposite sex.

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I’ve been listening to the wild screeching of feminists since this became a headline for whatever unknown reason. I’ve read a lot of the articles, too. Mostly because I am trying to figure out what the big friggin’ deal is!

I think it’s beautiful. No, really, I do. I’m sorry, but everyone has a different marriage from everyone else. What the left saw as some kind of feminist assault, I saw as a man trying to remain faithful to a woman he made an honest commitment to by removing any possible temptation. It doesn’t mean he’s going to get wasted and jump the next woman he sees if his wife is not around. But it does mean he has enough respect for his wife to not cause her undo stress and worry. There’s no questions here. Everything is right there in the open for both of them.

Now, I can support this because I “lost” a friend this way. There was a young man I worked with for several years in two locations, and I was very close to him, enough so to call him a brother. We had zero sexual attraction to each other. But during the course of us working together, he married a young woman that he adored. When I left the last job we worked at together, I explained to him as I was leaving that I would not be contacting him because his wife was mildly jealous and I didn’t want to cause harm to their marriage. We haven’t spoken since. I think of him often and fondly. But I respect him and his wife enough to understand how she feels and to let him go from my life so I don’t damage their marriage.

So what I see happening between Mike Pence and his wife is respect. I know some people don’t grasp this sort of marriage, but I personally find it beautiful.

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