Pelosi: Republicans Should Tell Trump He’s ‘Bringing Dishonor’ to the Presidency


“[W]e have a crazy system here where we have a president who is tweeting things on the basis of very little knowledge, but that isn’t a problem for him,” Pelosi told host Joy Reid. “So, really I think that there should be some adults in the Republican Party who would say, ‘Please, you bring dishonor to the office of the president by making it look like it’s a personal acquisition of yours.’ No, it is a public responsibility. Honor it.”

Full article: Pelosi: Republicans Should Tell Trump He’s ‘Bringing Dishonor’ to the Presidency – Breitbart

I’m not a huge fan of Trump’s Twitter tirades all the time, but let’s be real here. The dems say a lot of really misinformed, non-researched horse manure, and they usually do it via press conference. Some of the things that have come out of democrat mouths have been so epic that they have become timeless masterpieces of fail. How about the woman who thought rifle magazines were actual ammunition and couldn’t be reloaded? Or the “ghost gun?” Heat seeking bullets? The shoulder thing that goes up?

And seriously, if you need a non-firearms related thing, check out Nancy herself! Nancy Pelosi is a walking meme! Nine out of ten things that come out of her mouth are complete manure, and the tenth thing is a burp.

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