Gun Sales Have Fallen Since Obama Left Office

You don’t say?!

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The gun industry may be headed for a slump after eight years of explosive growth under former President Barack Obama.

From December through February, the number of federal background checks conducted each month declined from the same month a year ago, according to the Associated Press. While not an exact measure of total firearm sales, background checks are considered a key measure of how gun manufacturers are performing.

One reason for the softening demand, some gun industry experts say, is that potential gun buyers are no longer worried Washington will issue new regulations restricting gun sales. (RELATED: Surprise! Senator Attacking The Second Amendment Knows Nothing About Guns)

“President Obama was the best gun salesman the world has ever seen,” Karl Sorken, a production manager at Houston-based Battle Rifle Co., told the AP.

BIDEN-GUN-MEME-SHOOT-YOUR-GUNS-IN-THE-AIR-LIKE-YOU-JUST-DONT-CREDuring Obama’s tenure, customers rushed to buy firearms before the administration could follow through on its goal of placing tighter controls on the type and number of guns that could be sold. The gun industry boomed on the surging demand: The number of U.S. companies licensed to make firearms jumped 362 percent over the decade ending in 2015.

Ironically, President Donald Trump’s outspoken support of the Second Amendment and gun manufacturers may actually be contributing to an industry-wide slowdown.

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Having been behind the counter at a gun store on the weekend after Obama was elected the first time around, I can tell you… threats of rights being done away with drove gun sales like nothing else. We had people coming in to buy guns who had never owned one before, never really thought about it, but decided to buy one “before time runs out.” We literally made over $60,000 in sales that weekend, which was astronomical when you consider an average weekend on the sales floor there averaged around $2000.

Now, there isn’t as much of a threat. I don’t trust anyone in government when it comes to my rights, so while I’ve relaxed a little, I refuse to take my eyes off the prize. There isn’t currently an active threat. But never let your guard down.

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