Betrayal: Some GOP Considering ‘Compromise’ With Dems to Avoid Nuclear Option

Some Republicans are getting cold feet. The votes aren’t quite solid enough to invoke the nuclear option to put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Liberals are dumping millions of dollars into convincing liberal Republicans to abandon the effort and RINOs are considering a “compromise” with the Democrats to avoid having to invoke the nuclear option.

Classic Republicans. Terrified to stand on principle.

Tomorrow, the Senate will hold a cloture vote – a vote to end debate – and if Democrats block it, Mitch McConnell has promised to proceed to a vote to change the Senate rules to bust through the Left’s filibuster. This is known as the nuclear option.

But the vote to change the Senate rules will be razor thin. If even two or three Republicans defect, Gorsuch will be blocked from the Supreme Court.

Democrats are putting millions of dollars into ads and advocacy campaigns to peel away even a couple Republicans. If they succeed, Justice Scalia’s seat will remain empty and many of the Left’s lawsuits against the Trump administration will be upheld.

Republicans must go nuclear.

Full article: Betrayal: Some GOP Considering ‘Compromise’ With Dems to Avoid Nuclear Option – Conservative Daily

Well, that’s one way to get the dems back into control in 2018. Maybe someday their balls will drop. Unfortunately, the wait is hurting our country.

You have the majority for a reason. Screw the dems, we don’t want them. Do your job!

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