How Much Is Trump Golfing? A LOT.

Gold addiction must be a prerequisite for president.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

As The Daily Wire has previously noted, Trump’s constant golfing after stating on the campaign trail that he wouldn’t play much golf as president certainly warrants criticism, especially since he criticized Obama for his constant golfing. But there is a key difference between Trump and Obama’s golfing habits: Obama’s were easily more tone-deaf, as “Obama played golf instead of putting in the time and effort to solve the world’s crises.”

One of the more notable instances of this tone deafness was when Obama golfed shortly after he spoke about the video showing ISIS slicing off the head of James Foley. Obama later conceded that his timing was a mistake.

Trump, on the other hand, is at least willing to lead on the world stage in a way that Obama repeatedly refused to do. Thus his golfing breaks feels less like a retreat than his predecessor’s often did. That’s not to excuse Trump’s golfing after his campaign trail rhetoric, but, thus far at least, the optics haven’t damaged him as they eventually damaged Obama.

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