A&E releases show about how assault weapons saved Koreatown


April 30th will mark the 25th anniversary of the L.A. riots that devastated large parts of the city after the Rodney King trials.

For five days rioters destroyed or severely damaged 3,767 buildings and killed more than 50 people. However, a story that has been overlooked is how the neighborhood of Koreatown survived throughout the turmoil until now.

A&E announced on Sunday that they plan to release a television special about how the government abandoned the residents of Koreatown. They were left with only their semi-automatic weapons to defend themselves and their property.

It’s about time someone focused on lives saved using guns.

But we’re also going to be consistent… the assault weapons didn’t save these people. The people who owned and used them saved themselves. Give credit where it is due, these folks are amazing.

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