How Did Senator Warren Make $15 Million in 6 Years as a Politician?

Yellen Hearing

Huffington Post

Interesting. According to this article, Senator Warren’s net worth has been revealed to be at $15 million.

She only earns about $174,000 a year as a senator. True, she has book deals (unsure of payments, but according to the math, it would need to be a tremendous amount) and the position at Harvard ($430,000 a year; over 20 years, that is $8 million) that she has been accused of getting a leg up in by claiming Native American status. But how on Earth did her net worth reach $15 million?!

As the self proclaimed fighter for the middle class who takes a seat in the 1% the left so loves to vilify, one has to wonder why she is held up as the bastion of hope for the left without a question from any of them. Probably for the same reason they cheer Bernie Sanders’ fighting words about billionaires and their yachts that he made on Twitter from one of his three homes.

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