Oh, The Spending Bill!

Krauthammer: Trump and GOP ‘Got Rolled’ on Budget Deal, ‘Sort of Embarrassing’ – ‘This Is a Total Loss’ – Breitbart

Democrats confident they can block Trump’s agenda after spending-bill win

Donald Trump: ‘We’re Very Happy with’ Republican Budget Agreement




So, that happened, and at this point is bordering on old news, as I’m sure you all know by now that nothing we voted these people into office to do is covered under it.

I wish I was coming in here to tell you these things will eventually get passed or that there is a way to fix it, etc. But I don’t.

The fact of the matter is that 2018 is fast approaching and there is a chance at losing a lot of seats. To democrats. Which should not be the case, but it is, because the American people like to vote for one side, when they screw up vote for the other side, and when they screw up go back to the other side. As if this is going to miraculously solve all of our problems.

If you haven’t discovered yet that these people – big interests or not – don’t give a crap about us, you haven’t been paying attention.

The American people told them exactly what they wanted in the last election. We voted for all the stuff they left out and called a victory. We voted to do away with a lot of the stuff they funded and called it a victory. These people are standing in front of us, smiling, and calling another screwing of the American people a victory.

At some point, we need to organize the way the liberals do and protest en masse, or we need to suck it up, swallow our pride, and start voting third party.

I am registered as a libertarian, although I am not real happy with the party right now. Haven’t been for a while. I have never been registered anything other than libertarian or independent, and I will not support either of the two main parties. And this is why. Different cheeks, same butt.

So, as I keep saying… start getting out there. Memes aren’t going to do it. Start bombarding your reps on social media, mail, email, and even their fax machines. And maybe the time has come for us to take days off of work to go protest. We need to be heard, too. The liberals are hugging the coasts. We’re filling up the rest of the country. We aren’t in large group think clusters in big cities… we’re actually dealing with the crap end of the stick with these policies they refuse to defund, repeal, or fund. We’re the ones being screwed.

Whine, complain, and moan all you want. But it is far past time for us to do something. Our voices have been silenced and we can’t allow that any longer.


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