This was the Big News Here in NC Today

Language warning for the video:

So this was big news here in NC today. Apparently, the driver of the truck was not charged with anything, and the news people had to hit the streets to find out how offended everyone was about it.

Previous local story on it here and here. Sadly, I can’t find the one from today when the interviewed one of the protesters after finding out the driver would not be charged.

Her issue was that apparently the cops didn’t come to make sure everyone was alright, they didn’t even try to get a plate number or anything. And she had a stream of semi-professionally worded insults for the driver who apparently didn’t care about the plight of the protesters.

  1. Did you care about the plight of the drivers? I mean, you were blocking a major roadway in a big city during the week. Those people were trying to get to work. Jobs they probably couldn’t afford to lose because you were protesting for higher pay at a job you didn’t go to so you could block traffic. Seriously, this truck had a trailer attached. That leads me to believe he was working. Durham is also a city known for medicine… how many of those people you stopped were on the way to chemo treatments, surgeries, and other medical procedures?
  2. You were out there protesting illegally. You didn’t have the proper permits, and the type of protest you were doing was illegal anyway. And you’re complaining the cops didn’t help? Sweetie, you’re lucky the cops didn’t cuff you. Protest in front of government offices and on the sidewalks like normal people. This is not winning hearts and minds.
  3. The guy did a slow roll through the group of protesters, giving them time to get out from the front of his truck (although they chose not to, instead trying to stop the truck – and there was no one behind them to “protect,” nor were they going to stop the truck with their bare hands if there was). He ran over no one. No one was hurt. That’s actually a method of driver training for pro drivers. I was trained when I worked for the armored car companies on how to slow roll through a riot to prevent the crowds from overturning the truck. I’m not saying he was trained this way, but it isn’t an unheard of tactic and was actually the best course of action for him at the time.
  4. What, exactly, was he going to be charged with? He slowed rolled his way through an illegal protest in the middle of the road. He didn’t hurt anyone. The only ones doing anything wrong were the folks blocking traffic.
  5. Why are we vilifying this driver? To hear them talk, this group was protesting for really good reasons and this horrible, evil driver ran them down in cold blood! Before I actually saw the video, I really thought this is what happened. It isn’t. Again, they were illegally blocking traffic. And you don’t need to block traffic to get your point across. Some of those people may support you, and you’re thanking them by putting their jobs at risk by keeping them there. And the driver didn’t run anyone over or hurt anyone. No media bias my behind.

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