GOPers Celebrate With ‘Hey, Hey Goodbye’ Chant After ‘Trumpcare’ Bill Narrowly Passes in House

Here are some of the changes included in the AHCA:

  • The bill rolls back the Medicaid expansion, reducing federal payments by $880 billion over the next decade, according to the CBO. The bill cuts $600 billion in taxes that primarily benefit richer Americans over that decade.
  • The means-tested Obamacare subsidies that help individuals pay for insurance would be repealed and replaced by a system of tax credits. The tax credits provide individuals $2,000 to $4,000 per year based on age.
  • The current draft of the AHCA blocks federal funds from going to Planned Parenthood.
  • The bill removes the individual mandate that levels a tax penalty on eligible individuals who do not purchase insurance. Instead, the bill incentivizes staying insured by allowing insurance companies to charge higher rates for one year to people who allow their coverage to lapse.
  • While the AHCA does keep guaranteed issue — meaning insurers cannot deny coverage to people with pre-existing health conditions — this is where the waivers become key. If a state waives community rating, then they must offer everyone a plan but could jack up prices to unaffordable rates that could prevent sick people from getting coverage. If they waive essential health benefits, insurance companies can offer cheap, bare-bones plans that do not cover essentials such as emergency care, maternal care, and mental health.
  • Republicans insist that these waivers will be used responsibly because states that apply for them must first make their case to the White House that use of waivers will increase the number of insured people with adequate care. The administration would have the discretion to refuse or grant these requests.
  • The bill puts $100 billion over 10 years into “state innovation funds” for states to help provide care for high-cost patients. Most of this money will likely go to high-risk pools for those with pre-existing conditions.

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As someone who is, sadly, on Obamacare, I applaud this decision!

By the way, the chant was the dems to the GOP.


Which is laughable, since one of the big things people wanted from Trump was repeal of Obamacare.

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