D.C. Swamp Critter Franken Returns $41K in Campaign Contributions Amid Investigation

Independent Sentinel

Thornton Law Firm have been top donors to the Franken campaign committee and they are under investigation by the FEC and the Boston U.S. Attorney’s office.

Franken returned the money as federal regulators are investigating the firm for linking employee bonuses to campaign contributions.

Democrats have returned one million dollars though not all Democrats have followed suit. Sen. Jack Reed in Rhode Island didn’t. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention so-called Republican Lindsey Graham didn’t return contributions the firm made to him.

We’re so shocked. We thought Democrats didn’t want big corrupt money in politics.

It is believed that this firm overcharged clients, padding bills by millions of dollars among their other crimes.

As the Boston Globe explains, the asbestos law company encouraged their partners to give money to Democratic campaigns, with their donations later reimbursed by the firm as apparent “bonuses.”

Full article: D.C. Swamp Critter Franken Returns $41K in Campaign Contributions Amid Investigation


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