Oh no, millennials are petitioning to start “National Millennial Day”

But why, though?

What the creators of Millennial Day look like, probably. (Photo via Tumblr)

Two millennials’ attempt to battle negative millennial stereotypes not only reinforces millennial stereotypes — it will probably backfire and become a joke.

The leaders of the effort, James Goodnow and Ryan Avery, say they want to “stop fake news about millennials” because “Millennials are the biggest, most diverse generation in the nation. We’re also the most educated. We know human-caused climate change is real. We know why the Civil War started. We know what Aleppo is.” They call millennial stereotypes “alternative facts.”

Their answer to the stereotypes? Create a viral online petition to ask the White House and Congress to name June 19 as “National Millennial Day.”

Literally the most millennial response to a problem ever.

Full article: Oh no, millennials are petitioning to start “National Millennial Day” – Red Alert Politics

So… they want to fight the negative stereotypes about millennials…. by becoming the literal embodiment of those negative stereotypes?

One of the big ones is that millennials are very self absorbed. So…

I guess we could celebrate Millennial Day by taking 95,000 selfies that interfere with the lives and functions of everyone around us.

How about just trying to become functioning members of society? I don’t care how educated you think you are. If you can’t see beyond your own nose, you are of no use to society.

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