NC’s Blue Cross seeks 23 percent hike on individual policies

doctor-obamacareNorth Carolina’s largest health insurer said Thursday it wants to increase the average price for heavily subsidized policies created by former President Barack Obama’s overhaul law by 22.9 percent next year, a double-digit increase it blames mostly on Congress.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina said two-thirds of its rate increase is because Congress isn’t funding promised subsidies that provide consumers with extra financial help for out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and copayments.

If the Republican-led Congress fully funded the so-called “cost sharing reductions,” the insurer’s rate increase for individual plans that comply with the Affordable Care Act would be the lowest in the past four years at 8.8 percent, Blue Cross pricing executive Brian Tajlili said. And while buyers are older and sicker, that trend is slowing and allowing insurance prices to stabilize, Tajlili said.

“That was the expectation was from the beginning” of the law, he said, “that at some point it would reach the state where it would not be so volatile every year.”

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Obamacare was built to fail. Period. It is the gateway to socialized medicine.

I’ve mentioned it before, but I am, sadly, a member of the Obamacare Blue Cross segment for NC. I pay an enormous amount of money every month for my coverage, and my choice of doctors is almost nothing. I recently needed to find a new gynecologist. Within a two hour drive of my house, there was one gynecologist that accepted Obamacare. One. I live in an area that is so heavily populated by doctors it’s insane. Which is why this one doctor choice was mind boggling. Just doing a search on the Blue Cross page… there was 15 pages full of just gynecologists, and they were only the ones who took any Blue Cross insurance (once I cut it down to only my Obamacare plan, it was reduced to one doctor). I ended up with a doctor that had the bedside manner of a rabid fox and had what may have been an unnecessary biopsy, all after fighting her back from doing an entire battery of tests I wasn’t there for and shouldn’t have been performed by a gyno. My choice for primary care doctors is two, and it doesn’t include the one I have been using for 15 years.

So what, exactly, is the price hike for? And what, exactly, are people angry with Republicans over? It isn’t like you have any choices for your care anyway. Why aren’t you angry at Obamacare? It’s been this way since it began. Insurance companies are backing out in droves. People are dropping the insurance because even when the fine reaches the thousands of dollars, it’s still cheaper than paying for the insurance… and you’re paying for the same thing either way: absolutely nothing. If your state didn’t expand Medicare, you don’t even have to pay the fine!

As someone who uses Obamacare, I support a full repeal. Not Trumpcare. Not “fixing” Obamacare, however they think that will get accomplished. Not socialized medicine. Repeal the whole damn thing. I’ll spend my money as I want, and would like to have some choice back. I do support these “concierge doctors” that are popping up. That has been the best idea I’ve seen for healthcare in recent years, and it affords some choice and affordability. Why are we not pushing that type of medical practice?


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