Mark Zuckerberg Wants Everyone to Receive a Guaranteed Government Income

Independent Sentinel

“We should explore ideas like universal basic income to give everyone a cushion to try new things,” the billionaire said at his commencement speech to Harvard graduates on Thursday (25 May).

Source: Mark Zuckerberg Wants Everyone to Receive a Guaranteed Government Income

That sounds great, Zuck. But tell me something.

When the government gives everyone a guaranteed income, what happens to the incentive to work? It goes away. So when everyone stops working, where do we get the money to pay that guaranteed income, considering the government is 100% tax payer funded?

What happens to industry? Who runs the grocery store? The internet? Facebook? Car repair shops? The plumbers? Electricians? First responders? Doctors? Nurses? Road repair? Farms? Who runs TV stations and radio stations? Who collects the trash? Who builds homes?

We need less welfare, Zuck. Not more. We need to create an a population full of people who are go-getters, who want to accomplish and create. We need to give people a chance to get out and make our country and our world better. If you get paid to do nothing all day, where is that incentive?


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