California Hate Crimes to Start Including Hard-Left Assaults

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But in a surprising comment for what has usually been a politically correct forum to attack conservative values, Levin told the Los Angeles County’s Network Against Hate Crime, headquartered in West Hollywood, that he is most worried about a rise in violent attacks by leftist Black Bloc, Antifa and other armed rioters that are using violence, assaults and vandalism to muzzle conservative free speech on college campuses.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Levin is worried that far-left groups are targeting police, journalists, campus venues, and Trump supporters. Regarding the far left’s motivations in the last year, he said, “They increasingly saw demonstrations less as an opportunity for expression, and more as the culmination of a pre-choreographed violent street or campus battle, that began as vitriolic disputes on social media.”

Full article: California Hate Crimes to Start Including Hard-Left Assaults – Breitbart

Wow! Is someone actually admitting that this has reached dangerous levels?!


One response to “California Hate Crimes to Start Including Hard-Left Assaults

  1. No, someone is just scared of the potential backlash, both legislative and citizen-based. It’s a lot like many of the Muslims in America; they’re against terrorism, not because they disagree with the terrorists, but because they fear our response.

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