Kathy Griffin Beheads Donald Trump in Shocking Photo Shoot

According this, this… woman?… has put out a photo shoot of herself beheading Trump. Which, of course, is classy AF.

I normally don’t give a hoot when people do stuff like this. If you want to be a complete fool and show it off to the entire planet, please, be my guest. Part of being in the public eye – and that includes the president – is realizing stuff like this happens and learning to take it for what it is. It’s sickening, yes. But it’s part and parcel of being “free.”

But I won’t say something like, “What would have happened if someone did this with Obama?!” Because we already know. Do you remember the rodeo clown that wore an Obama mask? Why don’t you ask him what would happen, I’m sure he’s got a story for you.

This is, however, exactly what so many people are angry about today. Freedom of speech is preached for by lefties like this haggard bottled red head above, but the only free speech they want is their own. If this is going to be OK, then when it’s done to democrats – no matter their gender, race, etc. – then it’s OK then, too. Sorry, that’s how the Constitution works… it covers everyone, not just you and what you want to hear.

But this woman got exactly what she wanted. We’re talking about her. Something that hasn’t happened in a long time. And that’s really all these people want – attention.



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