Wow, Local Media! Just… Wow

Oh boy, what a great way to start the morning. Checked out some of the local news outlets this morning to see what fresh hell awaited me in town.

An article from our local WRAL caught my attention immediately! The headline? “House bill would repeal local background checks for handguns.”


The first line of the article admits “Republican House lawmakers are trying again to repeal the state’s requirement for a pistol permit to carry a concealed handgun in most cases.”

OK. So, when your average person who doesn’t read articles sees that headline, they are going to assume that NC Republicans are trying to make it legal to purchase a handgun without having a background check. What the article is actually about is a law they are attempting to get in that states if you are over 18 you can carry a gun openly (already legal) or concealed without a permit, doing away with the permitting process for concealed carry.

Now, of course, the article goes into why this idea is just terrible and this will make it legal for the mentally ill and felons to walk around with 500 magnums in their back pocket. But they forget that we have the huge pain in the butt of having to go to the sheriff for a pistol purchase permit – which is their way of charging us money to do what gun stores do for free with rifles.

This law, in no way, makes it legal for anyone to purchase a firearm of any kind without a background check that is performed by the FBI NICS system! If you are any of the things they fear, you won’t be legally purchasing a gun to begin with. And if you are buying a gun out of someone’s trunk, you aren’t getting a concealed handgun permit anyway.

I explain it the way I explained to my mom 16 years ago when I first moved down here. My mom warned me when I moved down here to be with my family that there are a lot of people carrying guns and I need to be wary. Now, I came from Jersey City, NJ. She’s telling me about all these gun stores and all the people with permits to carry, and I just looked at her and said, “There’s just as many people carrying guns in Jersey City, the difference is they didn’t get background checks and go to a gun store.”

Now, I have to admit. I’m not a huge fan of doing away with the concealed carry permit, and it is for purely selfish reasons. We have a purchase permit program here. Every time you want to buy a gun, you have to drive into Raleigh during the height of working hours, spend a zillion years finding a parking spot, pay out the nose for the parking spot, go in and stand in line for an hour or more, apply, and then do all that again to pick it up after they do the exact same process the local gun store does for a rifle. It’s a huge waste of time, and if you are a working person, it may be impossible for you to get time off work – twice – to do all of this. The concealed carry permit acts as a purchase permit. If I see a gun I want, I can put that permit down and skip doing the purchase permit process. When getting the permit itself, because I am renewing, I can fill out my info online, go to the sheriff’s office to complete and sign paperwork, and then they mail me my permit. It’s one trip every five years. (A new permit requires 8 hours of classroom time, too) Also, if I get pulled over for a traffic violation, the cop knows by running my plate that I have a concealed carry permit and he can assume I’m armed before walking up to my window.

Either way, media… stop trying to tell us you aren’t biased. This was a misleading headline, and your article was heavily swayed.

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