Hillary Confidante On An HRC 2020 Run: “Oh Yeah… She’s Running.”

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A top confidante of Hillary Clinton said she’s definitely running again in 2020, per Gateway Pundit.

Doug Schoen said on Fox Business Network, “oh yeah… She’s running.”

Check it out:

“I was at an event with her and Bill Clinton last week and she made it very clear that she’s back in the game.”

Full article: Hillary Confidante On An HRC 2020 Run: “Oh Yeah… She’s Running.” – SARAH PALIN

I wouldn’t bank on it too hard. Every month it changes. It wasn’t all that long ago that she announced she had no plans to run again, after saying she did plan to run again a short time before that. She has no idea, and neither does anyone else. But the people around her need to convince her to retire. This last election between her and Trump should have opened her eyes. It didn’t and won’t, but let’s face it… I don’t think there has ever been a dumber election in American history.

Also, I’m not sure she’d get through the primary again.



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