This is Probably the Last Thing About Kathy Griffin Here…

… Unless something amazingly shocking happens, like a lawsuit or something.

Kathy Griffin alternates between tears and Trump insults during a wild press conference

Kathy Griffin’s Press Conference Proves These Leftists Live In Fantasyland!

This is getting old, and as of today, it got to over the top levels of ridiculous.

We’re jockeying for biggest victim again.

Here’s the thing, darling. You made a mistake. You did. It was tasteless and wrong, and even your fellow lefties are saying as much. Chelsea Clinton even made a statement about how wrong the images were.

And here’s the thing about freedom of speech. You haven’t been silenced (the image went viral, and you are being discussed more now than you have ever been in your entire life). You haven’t been arrested. And if it is deemed you have no intention of attempting this act in reality, you won’t be. However, with free speech comes consequences. Just because you can say it, doesn’t mean your sponsors and CNN have to host it. They are well within their rights to cut ties with you. They aren’t violating your rights even slightly.

You screwed up. You made it clear in the video that went with the picture that you knew damn well you were making a huge mistake, but chose to run with it anyway.

You are not a victim. Trump didn’t do this to you; you did this to you. And you might have been able to redeem yourself had your press conference speech gone something like this:

“What I did was wrong. It was an error in judgement, something I thought would be funny, but clearly was not. I take full responsibility for my actions and I apologize for any grief it caused to Barron Trump, my sponsors, my fans, and CNN. I understand there are consequences for my actions, and I accept them. My only hope is that you will give me a chance to redeem myself in the future.”

Something like that might have saved your career. But instead, you decided to play the victim in all of this. And the collective eye roll could be physically heard around the nation.

Let’s be honest here. This isn’t a new thing. It was done to Obama and Bush and many others, and I have been in my fair share of verbal sparring matches on why it was wrong to do it to Obama and Bush, too. It isn’t OK. This is a sitting president, whether you like him or not. And it can be deemed a threat. If you don’t like the sitting president, protest, vote, help campaigns to get someone else elected when the time comes, lobby your reps to get things done you want done. But don’t cross the line into threats and violence. At the end of the day, these people are fellow human beings and fellow Americans. They have wives and kids and mothers and fathers and siblings and friends. None of them have done a single thing that was worthy of the death penalty. Have some class. And take responsibility when you screw up.

And Kathy, you screwed up. It wasn’t Trump’s fault and you are not a victim. You made the choice to do this, your rights were not violated, and now you need to put on your big girl panties and take it like the empowered woman you think you are.

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