White House Announces Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control System

NPR has more on the proposed structure of the new organization:

Guided by legislation that has been proposed in the past by House Transportation Committee chairman Bill Shuster, a private, non-profit corporation would be created to operate, manage and control ATC nationwide, similar to what Canada does. The FAA would still have some oversight capacity, but a board made up mostly of representatives of the major airlines would govern this corporation.

Fox News quoted a leader of a pilots association endorsing Trump’s announcement:

“We support privatization,” said Jon Weeks, a pilot and president of the Southwest pilots association, who attended the Oval Office announcement on Monday.

“We just want a stabilized stream of funding for air traffic control,” said Weeks, echoing what airlines and the controllers union have said for years.

Full article: White House Announces Plan to Privatize Air Traffic Control System | Buck Sexton

I can get behind this. To be fair, I can behind privatization of a lot of things. With any luck, this will make it cheaper, and it will make it easier to fire folks who really suck at their job, which I am always a huge fan of.



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