Stand by While I Rant About Obamacare for a Minute

obamacareSorry guys, but I need to get this off my chest. A lot of you are already aware that I signed up for Obamacare. I’m self employed and picked up some insurance through the marketplace just to cover my butt in case something serious happened. I do drive a lot, one never knows.

As I’ve also mentioned, I recently needed to make an appointment with a gynecologist. The one I normally went to didn’t accept my plan, so I had to find a new one. This was issue number one. I went to the page for my insurance plan and searched for gynos. Pages and pages turned up of every single one within a 50 mile radius from where I live, and I was starting to think maybe it wasn’t bad. I found one, and began to make an appointment. As I was finalizing, I got a warning that they were out of network and didn’t accept my insurance. OK. Apparently, the insurance company didn’t weed out automatically the doctors who didn’t take my insurance. So I closed the page and went ahead to the settings, asking for only doctors who accepted my plan.

The pages and pages of gynecologists I had been sifting through vanished. There was now only one doctor who took my plan. Not one page of doctors; one doctor. My choice was gone. What I ended up with was a gynecologist who had the bed side manner of a rabid fox and wanted to run a crap load of tests that were not only not gynecology related, but completely unnecessary. I refused every single one.

I had my usual yearly exam. OK, fine. At the end of that, I was told things weren’t 100% normal, and suspecting either cancer or pre-cancer, she wanted to perform an endometrial biopsy. Since uterine cancer runs in my family, I agreed to the biopsy.

So now I’ve had my yearly exam that is suggested by the insurance company, and I’ve had a biopsy with a good reason behind it. (For those curious, the biopsy came back negative. I don’t have cancer)

Guess what I got today? A bill! For the yearly exam! That’s right… a pap smear isn’t covered. The insurance company will nag you to get it, then won’t pay for it. And I was already sent a letter that I am going to have to pay more than half for the biopsy, too!

Why the hell am I paying for insurance? I have no doctor choice, and I’m paying for the tests the doctor runs anyway, even if the test is pushed by the insurance company and is suggested by everyone as a regular preventative test. I’m paying out the nose for the insurance, and am not getting a subsidy.

So please, explain to me again why Obamacare is so great. Is the thought process that people need to have insurance, to hell with whether or not they can do anything but pay for it? Because right now that’s all my insurance is… yet another bill I have to scrape money together for every month. And since I actually tried to use it – and apparently failed – I have to find a way to pay the doctor, too. Yes, but please. Let’s fight to keep it and tell the country 20 gazillion people are going to lose their insurance and 10 gazillion of those will die.

What would have happened if that biopsy came back saying I had cancer? I know from my dad’s cancer experience that cancer treatment isn’t actually covered by insurance (how many people knew that? Chemo and radiation isn’t covered by insurance, you have to pay out of pocket. And chemo is mega expensive. We had to get a grant and a loan just to make sure my father was able to get the suggested cancer treatment – not an experimental treatment; an established, normal cancer treatment). There is no way I could have paid out of pocket for chemo and radiation as well as the possible surgery I would have needed (especially a year after we were paying for my father’s). So, how exactly would Obamacare have helped me? Because my inability to pay for treatment would have resulted in my dying. And after I dropped dead, my mother would be left trying to finish paying for whatever I did have, plus paying the insurance that covered nothing while trying to get it cut off, all on top of dealing with her husband’s death a year before her only child.

I support concierge doctors. I support hospitals working on similar basis, with set prices you can view before you have anything at all done, sparking competition when people start shopping around for medical care. The price you pay without insurance is significantly less than what the insurance company is billed for. A surgery that costs one person $20,000 might cost someone else $80,000. That needs to stop. I’ve heard the suggestion of private savings accounts specifically for medical care, and I think that is worth looking into. There are shares in operation, which is also not a bad idea. Extreme lefties want single payer, forcing everyone to pay for everyone else and causing the doctors and hospitals to charge the max they can get away with for the simplest things. People in countries with single payer come to the USA for surgeries because the waits are so ridiculously long in their countries. Single payer is not what Obamacare should become, even though it was set up to create an entitlement, and when it failed people would scream for single payer. It isn’t the way to go. Obamacare is useless. Single payer would be more so, and much more expensive on top of it. It is time to open the market. Force competition. Normalize pricing. Stop paying for nothing at all.

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