So Comey Testified Today…

Well, I don’t think it was the Earth shattering take down of Trump that the extreme left and the mainstream media were hoping for. There were things in there that were good for Trump, and things in there that damaged Trump, and there is reason to believe none of this is going to end anytime in the near future. Because why in the world would we want to stop wasting money and maybe try to get things done in this country? Long and short, I wouldn’t rest easy, but I wouldn’t freak out, either. There is still no evidence of any criminal activity, although an investigation into obstruction may be coming.

The bottom line is that we didn’t learn a whole lot today that was news. Really, if you go back over the testimony, a lot of it was already either known or suspected. So there wasn’t any Earth shattering revelations, either.

If you want to watch the Comey testimony, here you go:

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