TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELLS: I’ll ‘100%’ Testify Under Oath To Deny Comey’s Story

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

… Trump said that Comey lied about their Oval Office meeting, at which Comey says Trump implied he wanted him to drop the investigation into just-fired National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. Trump then added, when asked whether he would testify under oath to that effect, “100 percent…I would be glad to tell him exactly what I just told you.”

Trump’s lawyers must be smiting themselves in the foreheads over this one. No lawyer on earth would urge a client to sit down for a deposition under oath if there were any way to avoid it. That’s because even if Trump is telling the truth, there’s a decent shot he slips up somewhere and creates the predicate for a perjury charge.

As always, President Trump’s worst enemy is President Trump. He could easily absorb Comey’s charges and still be fine – I laid out precisely this strategy yesterday. Instead, Trump is putting his own credibility in opposition to Comey’s – a horrible tactic, given that 45 percent of voters, even according to Trump-friendly Rasmussen, trust Comey over Trump, with just 37 percent trusting Trump over Comey. And Comey has testified under oath now, whereas Trump has not.

This is just unwise. It keeps the scandal alive for another day. Comey himself couldn’t have asked for anything better than this from Trump.

Full article: TRUMP DROPS BOMBSHELLS: I’ll ‘100%’ Testify Under Oath To Deny Comey’s Story | Daily Wire

I have to agree with the Daily Wire on this one. Trump needs to shut his mouth. Right now, we know he wasn’t under investigation. He’s pulling himself closer and closer to getting himself under investigation.

What he needs to do is let this run it’s course. Focus on running the country, let the investigation and the hearings go. If he’s called, go. Don’t volunteer. Stop with the tweet rants. Stop with the insults. Listen to the lawyers. But there is a lot of work to be done, focus on that and let the investigations and hearings go as they will. Comments from Trump, at just about any point, are not in his favor.

At some point, Trump needs to learn how to take this stuff in stride, and right now he just can’t. But he needs to figure out how soon.

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