If You are Interested…

OK, so there isn’t anything there yet, but I’m going to be doing videos.

You have two options.

You can check out Whiskey Tango on YouTube here. Please make sure to subscribe, and hit the bell icon so you actually get notified that there’s a video. (I will, most likely, also embed the videos here, but a subscribe if you have an account is still appreciated)

Your second option, since I know a lot of folks are really against YouTube, is Vid.Me, which you can check out here. There won’t be different videos you’ll miss out on, everything will be the same at both channels.

I haven’t got any videos up as of yet because I am still working with software. I hope to have a video late tonight, early tomorrow morning. But if I can’t get the software running it might be a few days. As of right now, I am only considering doing videos as a voice over with images and screen recording for you to look at, because really, no one wants to stare at me while I go on and on. I also seem to do better without the camera and just a microphone, and I blame a history in radio for that. 🙂

So if you are interested, go ahead and follow/subscribe at one of those pages. Thanks!

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