Stanley Cup champion Penguins address possible White House visit

“The Pittsburgh Penguins would never turn down a visit to the White House and, if invited, we would go as a team,” Penguins CEO/team president David Morehouse said in a prepared statement Tuesday.

It should be noted that those at the very top of the Penguins organization are liberal. Team owner Ron Burkle is a major Democratic donor. Morehouse worked in the Clinton administration and was also a part of Al Gore’s unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2000.

To say that it’s refreshing to see people with dissenting political viewpoints maintain a fair and healthy perspective is quite the understatement.

“We respect the office of the presidency of the United States and what it stands for,” Morehouse continued in his statement.

“Any opposition or disagreement with a president’s policies, or agenda, can be expressed in other ways,” he added.

Full story: Stanley Cup champion Penguins address possible White House visit – The Wildcard

Thank you to the Pittsburgh Penguins for acting like adults. Here’s hoping some folks take a hard look at this and reassess themselves.

Also, thank you for not completely destroying my childhood. I was a huge Penguins fan through grade school and high school (never been to Pittsburgh, so I don’t know how that happened). It would have punched me right in the childhood if you all had acted like fools.

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