What in the World is an Assault Pistol?!

Oh, my word.

Someone sent me this image:


Now, of course I laughed. But this is one of those “too juicy to be true” pieces that makes it into my inbox more times than I can count. So I wanted to verify that this was, in fact, a real headline.

Someone pass me the Excedrin, huh?

Not only was it a real headline, but check this out:


Screen capture from Yahoo! search as of 10:34 PM on 6/15/17

One guy says it and they all gotta say it! Trust me, this went all the way down the page, but I stopped here because you get the point.

So someone… what in the world is an assault pistol?! This is a new term to me!

One response to “What in the World is an Assault Pistol?!

  1. I’m guessing it’s anything with a magazine which means flint lock pistols are soon to be the latest ‘must have’.
    Hang on, weren’t the main arms of the American revolution flintlocks?
    Great! A possible resurgence just in time for The all new American Revolution.

    p.s. Some of us will happily buy your ‘so to be banned’ assault pistols.

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