LGBTQ Community Takes Up Arms One Year After Pulse Nightclub Shooting

Chad Hendrix, the founder of the Fort Myers Pink Pistols chapter, practices his aim. Quincy J. Walters / WGCU News

Hendrix said law enforcement and paramedics are invaluable. But, he said self-reliance is paramount to survival.

“You’re the first responder, because you’re there. The police and the ambulance, they’re second responders,” he said. “They clean up everything and deal with the aftermath.”

But Lieutenant Jay Rodriguez with the Fort Myers Police Department disagrees.

“A concealed weapons permit is for protection. It does not make you a first responder,” Rodriguez said. “If there’s a safe option, you get out of there. Your job is to get out of harm’s way. And if there only way out of harm’s way is to use that weapon you have a license for, so be it.”

Hendrix said when evil decides to act like it did last year at Pulse, it’s just there to do its deed. And he started the Fort Myers chapter of the Pink Pistols to arm people with confidence to stand up to evil and say “it ends here”.

Full article: LGBTQ Community Takes Up Arms One Year After Pulse Nightclub Shooting | WGCU News

I’m glad to see this. My word, shoot back. Learn to shoot. Learn to protect yourself. Calling the cops is an absolute must. But if they can’t get there in time and you can’t get away and are unsafe, shoot back!

Right after Pulse happened, a transgendered woman named Erin started a group called Operation Blazing Sword, which collected the information of people willing to teach LGBT folks how to shoot. It didn’t require that you be a certified instructor, just someone who was willing to take the time to familiarize people who hadn’t shot before with guns and give them a hand. I signed up right away. It is still going on, and the map is loaded down. But if you are willing, please click that link and get yourself added to the list. You just might get a new shooting buddy out of it. You also may be getting people on our side of the gun fight. And you might save a life.

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  1. Even they understand that guns are important. Others are scared of them, they’re just buying more.

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