More and More Voter Fraud

voter-fruad-1250x650Oh, lovely. It appears more and more voter fraud is coming to light.

So according to this, arrest warrants have been issued in Texas as 700 suspicious ballots are being scrutinized.

Authorities have issued their first arrest warrant in the Dallas County voter fraud case that roiled the May municipal elections in West Dallas and Grand Prairie, causing 700 suspicious mail-in ballots to be sequestered.

According to this, illegal votes may have tipped the outcome of a race in a Florida county.

Protestors in California are suddenly all for voter ID laws because their candidate lost a race and they think there were “irregularities.”

And then there’s Indiana, where 12 employees of a Democrat-linked group focused on mobilizing black voters are accused of submitting fake or fraudulent voter applications ahead of last year’s general election. The number of false applications is unknown, and they blame daily quotas for submitting the false applications.

But there’s no voter fraud. Or it was Russians. Or something.

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