Three Teens Arrested at National Mall for Selling Water

Three plainclothes police officers went undercover at the National Mall to bust three young black teens on Thursday as they were breaking the law in our nation’s capital. Their crime? Selling water bottles without a permit for some extra cash.

Source: Police arrest black teens at the National Mall. Their crime? Selling water – Red Alert Politics

If it pleases the crown, these three teenage boys would like to take initiative and earn some extra summer money by starting their own small business.

Seriously, what the hell?

They were selling bottled water. Have you been to D.C. in the summer? It’s nearly impossible to get a drink of water or use a bathroom. As far as I see it, they were filling a need. But the government didn’t grant permission for that, so no. They should have paid the government for the permission to make a few extra dollars over the summer, waiting possibly the entire summer for the permit to come through, and then needing to hustle to make back the money they had to give the government to say they could do it.

So we’re going to waste time, resources, and tax payer dollars to get the kids off the street and stop them from selling bottled water to tourists. Give me a break. Were they selling drugs? Were they hurting anyone? Were they harassing people for not buying the water? It appears to be no to all of the above, so what gives?

My message to the teens: don’t let this prevent you from taking the initiative and making your own way. Good on you for seeing a need and filling it. Don’t let this break that spirit. That’s the American dream.

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