California’s Travel Ban Expands

According to this, California has blocked all official travel to Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, and Texas over what they deem to be anti-LGBTEFROGFJGERHGJXBWYSFQWEMGPTYGHSMVUAE$FUT laws.


Libertarian Republic

Apparently, most of the laws in place are to ensure people and organizations aren’t forced to violate their religious beliefs. No actual rights have been taken from the LGBT community (if there had been, I wouldn’t support that), mind you. It’s just that some organizations won’t be forced to do things like adopt out children to LGBT families if it violates the religious affiliation of the organization.

I’m perfectly OK with the California travel ban. I figure the less people leaving California and entering states like Texas, the better. Heck, ban all travel from California all together! Build a wall! Never leave the state again! I’d even back using tax payer dollars to build a retaining wall to keep them in there! At least the southern half. I have a soft spot for the folks in the northern Cali area.

Mind you, the state of California is against Trump’s travel ban for the safety of American citizens, including the LGBT community.

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